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Master, PhD, Bachelor Thesis

Diploma Thesis

  • Franz Inselkammer: Question based Knowledge Management in a Groupware Environment: As part of the OSWP Project, a Research oriented Knowledge Management Approach is implemented and tested. (2004)   [Abstract]
  • Alexander Danmayer: Resource Management in Collaborative Workspaces (2005)   [Abstract]
  • Thomas Kastner: Document Management in Distributed Project Management Environments-A new interface approach (2005)   [Abstract]
  • Robert Neureiter: Communicational aspects of Project Management using web-based technologies: Implementing an email-basecommunication environment (2005)   [Abstract]
  • Stefan Raffeiner: Modelling Ontologies with Topic Maps and OWL: Implementation Challenges and Conceptual Issues (2005)   [Abstract]
  • Christian Mader: Platformunabhängige Re-Impementierung bestehender Arztsoftware (2005)   [Abstract]
  • David Sternberger: Evaluierung, Implementierung und Testen von Message Oriented Middleware (2006)   [Abstract]
  • Peter Gerstbach: Generating Structured Documents to Create Reports by Integrating Data from CMS/DMS and EAI Systems (2006)   [Abstract]
  • Szabolcs Rozsnyai: Efficient indexing and searching in correlated business event streams (2006)   [Abstract]
  • Doris Wagner: Vereinheitlichung und Standardisierung von Repositories im Content Management Bereich (2006)   [Abstract]
  • Thomas Zwanzinger: Interactive Previews in Document Workflows (2006)   [Abstract]
  • Birgit Dippelreiter: Einsatz von Groupware in und zwischen Unternehmen Auswirkungen auf die Arbeitsabläufe - eine Analyse (2007)   [Abstract]
  • Roland Vecera: Efficient Indexing, Search and Analysis of Event Streams (2007)   [Abstract]
  • Robert Fischer: Motivations and Challenges in Designing a Distributed Log Management Framework (2007)   [Abstract]
  • Michael Fuchs: Prinzipien und Rahmenstrukturen zur Erstellung adaptiver Hypermedia Applikationen (2007)   [Abstract]
  • Benedikt Eckhard: Context-Aware Notification in Global Software Development (2007)   [Abstract]
  • Robert Thullner: Implementing Enterprise Integration Patterns Using Open Source Frameworks (2008)   [Abstract]
  • Thomas Heigl: Information Retrieval in the Legal Domain (2008)   [Abstract]
  • Joachim Grüneis: Object–XML mapping with JAXB2 (2008)   [Abstract]
  • Paul Alexandrow: Integration of Heterogeneous Software-Intensive Systems with Rule-Engine-Based Event Correlation, Analysis and Generation (2008)   [Abstract]
  • Marian Schedenig: Leveraging ESB and SEDA Technologies for Complex Event Correlation (2008)   [Abstract]
  • Gregor Rosenauer: A Standards-Based Approach to Dynamic Tool Integration Using Java Business Integration (2008)   [Abstract]
  • Emrah Bozkaya: Improvement of Life-Quality in the Developing Regions through Mobile Device Social Networks (2009)   [Abstract]
  • Markus Niederer: Meeting Scheduling Support using Mobile Clients (2009)   [Abstract]
  • Andreas Kaltenecker: Deriving project health indicators of Open Source Software Projects using Social Network Analysis (2010)   [Abstract]
  • Walter Pindhofer: Model Driven Configuration Management (2009)   [Abstract]
  • Andreas Pieber: Flexible Engineering Environment Integration for (Software+) Development Teams (2010)   [Abstract]
  • Christoph Gritschenberger: Security for the Integration of Software Tools in multidisciplinary Engineering Processes (2011)   [Abstract]
  • Vedrana Tomic: A Biomimetic View on Complex Software Systems and the Consequences for Digital Sustainability (2021)   [Abstract]

PhD Thesis

  • Szabolcs Rozsnyai: Managing Event Streams for Querying Complex Events (2008)   [Abstract]
  • Andreas Thöni: Sustainability Risk Monitoring in Supply Chains (2015)   [Abstract]

Bachelor Thesis

  • Roland Vecera: J2EE Best Practices - Implementation of Collaboration Discussion (2004)   [Abstract]
  • Szabolcz Rosnai: J2EE Best Practices - Implementation of a Chat Client (2004)   [Abstract]
  • Thomas Zwanzinger: Performance Testing of Web-Applications (2004)   [Abstract]
  • Stefan Kals: Implementation of Best-Practice Software-Engineering Setup in .net Application Development (2004)   [Abstract]
  • Birgül, Nilgün Kaya: XML Topic Maps und RDF, eine Vergleichende Einführung (2004)   [Abstract]
  • Peter Kröpfl: Testen von Web-Application Frameworks (2007)   [Abstract]
  • Peter Parapatics: Evolution of Data-Warehousing and Mining (2007)   [Abstract]


  • Jürgen Platzer: Image Processing using Cellular Automata (2005)   [Abstract]
  • Markus Demolsky: Entwickeln von (Java) Swing Applikationen mit Spring RCP (2005)   [Abstract]
  • Michael Peleschka: Near Field Communication (NFC) als weiterer Baustein des "Pervasive Computing" (2006)   [Abstract]
  • Andreas Pieber, Jakob Spoerk: A Comparative Analysis of State-of-the-Art Component Frameworks for the Java Programming Language (2008)   [Abstract]
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